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Sep 5, 2016

ONEinspect 1.1.3 has just been released!

A major update for the ONEinspect software toolset is now available.

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Dear customers,

ONEinspect 1.1.3 has just been released.

In this release you will find some new exciting features and many bugfixes as well:

Oscilloscope mode for charts

In this mode, you can graphically display the contents of any buffer. Fill the buffer with any data (eg. ADC samples) and just add the buffer as data item in your oscilloscope chart. For example:


/* This example simulates 3-phase voltage in 230VAC/50Hz public grid*/

/* includes */
#include <math.h>

/* defines */
#define PI 3.14159265
#define SCOPE_TEST_BUFSIZE 100; /* sample per 100 us = Time step */

/* local variables */
static int32_t awScopeTest[3][SCOPE_TEST_BUFSIZE];

/* code */
for (int32_t i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
  for (j = 0; j < SCOPE_TEST_BUFSIZE; j++)
    awScopeTest[i][j] = (int32_t)(325 * sin((j + i * SCOPE_TEST_BUFSIZE / 3) * 2 * PI / SCOPE_TEST_BUFSIZE));


These buffers can be directly viewed in ONEinspect:

Serial number labels

Arbitrary serial number labels can be now created in ONEinspect in the desktop surface designer. New TDBarCode component has been added to support many barcode types. New SpecialFunction property has been added to TDLabel and TDBarCode components to show misc. members of the target info structure.


Automated printing of desktops via scripts

Desktops (and even other project items) can be printed from scripts. This feature is very useful eg. for production testing - printing a serial number label.


Loader for TI C28x debug info (COFF + DWARF)

New debug info loader has been written to support the C28x compiler toolchain from Texas Instruments. Example has been added for the new tms320s2837xS Delfino microcontroller.

See the full list of new features and bugfixes in the installation readme file.